Annual Meeting October 3

2015 Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who participated in the Annual Meeting this year.

Election Results The following individuals were elected to serve a three-year term: Alex Mirah Cleghorn, Gordon Matthew Olsen and Frank Robert Peterson, Jr.

screenshot election

Prizes Congratulations to our cash prize winners, drawn from those who submitted a proxy or voted in person at the meeting:

$1,000 Early Bird Prize Winners: Irene Rindina Coyle, Thomas Frank Kohler, Adam Aposik

$500 Early Bird Prize Winners: Harold Wayne Squartsoff, Roy Wilham Levine, Randolf John Christensen, Walter Allen Shuravloff, Donna Patricia Folger, Gladys Lucille Allen, Steven Thomas Eggemeyer, Carla Rae Wolkoff

$500 Online Voting Prize Winners: Christine Michelle Reft, Charles Jacob Wick, Mary Alfreda Hurlbert, Raissa A. Boskofsky, Brandee Joanna Era-Miller

$1,000 Online Voting Prize Winners: Rebecca Mae Larsen, Michael Wayne Squartsoff, Judy Ann Young

$500 Grand Prize Winners: Olga Magnel Rowland, Sandra Marie Katelnikoff, Richard Lee Shuravloff, Janelle Panamaroff, Jimmie Dean Killion, Virginia Mae Wallin, Marsha R. Madriaga, Frederick Neil Sargent, Mark William Chute, John Garcia, III

$1,000 Grand Prize Winners: Lois Penny Culver, Jennie Carlough, Kenneth Russel Truitt, Frances Eva Dalglish, Susie Desiree Cronin

$2,500 Grand Prize Winner Rebecca Mae Larsen