Family of Companies

Koniag, Inc. is one of 13 regional Native corporations established by Congress under the terms of the Alaska Native claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) to settle the aboriginal land claims of Alaska Native People. Koniag is headquartered in Kodiak, Alaska with operations spanning several business sectors and markets around the country.

Marine Construction

  • Granite Cove Quarry, LLC

Oilfield Services

  • Dowland-Bach Corporation

Information Technology

  • Open Systems Technologies

Natural Resources

  • Karluk River Cabins
  • Kodiak Brown Bear Center

Real Estate

  • Global Building, LLC
  • Near Island Building, LLC
  • Nunat Holdings, LLC
  • XMCO, Inc.
  • Digitized Schematic Solutions, LLC

Government Services Sector

  • Koniag Government Services
  • Koniag Information Security Services, LLC
  • Koniag Services, Inc.
  • Koniag Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • PacArctic, LLC
  • Professional Computing Resources, Inc.
  • Tuknik Government Services, LLC
  • Eagle Harbor Solutions, LLC
  • Arlluk Technology Solutions, LLC
  • Kadiak, LLC