Government Services Sector

Koniag Government Services

Provides oversight, management and shared services to the companies that comprise the Koniag Government Services sector. Combined, these companies provide high quality products and services to federal, state and local governments, health care providers, higher education throughout the United States..

Koniag Information Security Services

Created in late 2011, Koniag Information Security Services (KSS) serves the growing need for information security and assurance services. KSS offers continuity of operations, cyber security (computer network defense), information assurance (cyber risk, mitigations and forensics), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance and certification and accreditation (C&A) for federal and commercial systems. The unique services offered by KSS allow businesses to focus on growth and expansion while effectively managing the very real issue of information security threats.

Koniag Services, Inc.

As a provider of high-end information technology (IT) services and solutions, Koniag Services, Inc. (KSI) is the perfect partner for securing IT contracts with federal agencies. KSI is a prime contractor with the National Guard Bureau, Social Security Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the U.S. Departments of Interior and Transportation. Its unique combination of technical capabilities, geographic presence and solid client relationships makes KSI the provider of choice for creative technical solutions.

Koniag Technology Solutions, Inc.

An emerging player in the field of information sharing solutions, integrated information technology (IT), portfolio management and IT engineering and support, Koniag Technology Solutions (KTS) delivers excellence in the field of IT solutions. KTS is an SBA 8(a)-certified corporation with the ability to secure sole-source contracts with the federal government. KTS cultivates a client-centric philosophy while building a reputation as the go-to partner for tackling IT-related challenges.

Pac Arctic

PacArctic, LLC is the most recent addition to Koniag’s Government Services Sector. The company provides assistance to commercial entities and government organization on administrative and project management issues such as financial planning and budgeting, resource utilization, critical infrastructure protection, strategic planning, and process improvement.

Professional Computing Resources

Professional Computing Resources (PCR), an 8(a) certified company, offers powerful customized telemanagement software solutions to integrate, streamline and simplify the management of your entire voice and data network. PCR has been in business for more than 20 years. During that time, large universities (UCLA, Ohio State), private clients (Ford Motors, General Motors) and the U.S. government utilized our services. In addition to our technical mastery of traditional voice technologies, PCR offers state-of-the-art billing, inventory, network tracking, workforce management and automated record keeping capabilities.