Karluk River Shareholder Cabin

Nestled on the edge of the Karluk River, Kodiak’s Green Goddess, as it is often referred, sits the new cabin reserved exclusively for Koniag Shareholders. This newly constructed facility is one of the five cabins Koniag owns along the Karluk Lake and River.

The Shareholder Cabin is a direct result of a recommendation from the Karluk River Advisory Committee. Through a memorandum of understanding with the Larsen Bay Tribal Council, community members volunteered to help erect the 700-square-foot cabin which features incredible views of the river, oil heat, comfortable quarters and a bear-fenced perimeter.

A portion of the funding for the construction of the Shareholder Cabin was provided by a generous gift from the late J.F. Morse, a former CEO of Koniag. Morse left Koniag in 1982, but named Koniag the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Those who knew Morse say his leadership and values helped make Koniag the strong corporate leader it is today. On Sept. 24, 2010, Koniag, Inc. Lands and Natural Resources staff hosted a dedication of the new Shareholder cabin at the Karluk River Portage. Finishing touches were put on the cabin earlier in the fall of 2010 and it is now open to use by Koniag Shareholders and Descendants.

Shareholder Cabin construction Phase I
Shareholder Cabin Construction Phase II
News story about Shareholder Cabin Dedication