Our Lands

Thumb River rainbowKoniag, Inc. is one of the thirteen Regional Native Corporations created by Congress through the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971 to settle Alaskan Native aboriginal claims to land, and to benefit Alaskan Native shareholders. The core values of Koniag stem from its shareholders’ Alutiiq culture, and serves to guide the Corporation’s operations and financial endeavors. Koniag remains deeply rooted in the defining traditional core values of community strength, stewardship of natural resources, and importance of personal integrity and character.

Among Koniag’s most valuable assets are its land holdings. These lands have a rich history of teaching the Alutiiq people about their home on the Kodiak Archipelago, and sustaining generations of their families. The Alutiiq first inhabited Kodiak about 7,500 years ago, and quickly learned how to survive and best utilize their natural resources for present and future generations.

The strongest ties to our culture, history, and heritage comes through our connection with the land and the role Kodiak’s natural resources played in supporting our people and providing them with the ability to thrive for millennia.

The Alutiiq people were the original stewards of these lands and resources before the arrival of the Russians, the Americans, and the creation of the State of Alaska. As employees and representatives of Kodiak’s Regional Native Corporation, Koniag’s Lands and Natural Resources Department is entrusted with managing these lands and resources in ways that are the most beneficial to Koniag and our shareholders, while ensuring these decisions will result in conservation of these lands and natural resources for future generations.

Koniag holds title to approximately 145,000 acres of surface estate, and approximately 990,000 acres of subsurface estate. Surface estate includes both land “on the surface” and some submerged lands under fresh waterbodies, while subsurface estate includes a variety of mineral, oil, gas, sand, gravel, and hard-rock resources. The majority of Koniag’s surface estate is located in southwest Kodiak Island, along the Karluk and Sturgeon River Basins, and approximately 40,000 acres of surface estate on Afognak Island.

As part of our commitment to present and future shareholders, the Lands and Natural Resources Department works continually to find methods to generate profits and benefits from these lands and natural resources that can sustain many more generations of shareholders, through management by conservation stewardship:

1) honoring our heritage and culture by recognizing the importance of the land and appreciation of the opportunities it provides;

2) having pride in our work by using these lands and resources to benefit the current generation; and,

3) maintaining a long-term perspective to ensure future generations are able to count on the same opportunities provided by these lands and resources we enjoy today.