Our Shareholders

Koniag, Inc. is one of 13 regional corporations established by ANCSA. Approximately 3,400 people of Alutiiq heritage were enrolled as Shareholders to the corporation. Those enrolled were Alaska Natives who were born on or before December 18, 1971, were living on that date and enrolled to the Koniag region. Each Native enrolled to Koniag received 100 shares of stock.

Although each shareholder has ancestral ties to the Kodiak area, many of Koniag’s Shareholders live elsewhere in Alaska or in the lower 48 states. This is why it is important that Koniag provides readily available information, resources and communication to our Shareholders. Much of those resources and information can be found right here on the Web site in the Shareholder’s section including FAQs, forms, Shareholder Committee information, newsletters and reports.