We produce a variety of written material throughout the year to keep our Shareholders connected and informed. These publications provide corporate news as well as details about activities and events where Shareholders can share their lives and keep the Alutiiq culture alive.

The shareholder newsletter is mailed to shareholders quarterly. It features news and stories about people from around the region, cultural information, and updates from the Koniag Board of Directors regarding Koniag’s lands, investments and subsidiaries.

If you have news you want to share or have a story idea, contact us at

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Annual Report

Annual reports are produced in accordance with the State of Alaska Division of Banking, Securities and Corporations at the close of each fiscal year, which ends March 31. Each report contains independently audited financials and statements from the board and management regarding the financial health of the corporation. They are mailed to Shareholders each year in the fall just prior to the annual shareholder meeting. And are accompanied by annual election materials and the shareholder report, which is a more personal look back at the activities and events that occurred at Koniag in the previous fiscal year.

Koniag, Inc. 2012 Annual Report