Our Artist Directory is a free, online resource featuring information on Koniag Shareholder or Registered Descendant artists and their original, handmade Alaska Native artwork and non-consumable, traditional Alaskan handmade items.  The directory allows Koniag Shareholders and Registered Descendant artists another way to showcase their products.

Interested artists must complete a registration form and may also submit one photograph of an original artwork or handmade item that he or she has created. (Photographs may be in print or digital format, but must be at least 300 dpi resolution.) Artist listings consist of the photograph if submitted, and information contained on the registration form. Koniag reserves complete discretion in deciding whether to list submitted information, along with the right to edit submitted information for grammar, brevity, and taste.



  • Koniag Shareholders and registered Descendants who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to submit information to the Directory
  • All registrations are verified with our Records Department prior to approval.

Artist Responsibilities:

  • The Koniag Artist Directory registration form must be completely filled out. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  • Artists must ensure that their information remains current on the Koniag website. If the name, contact information or Silver Hand permit holder status changes, an email containing the new information and requesting that the artist directory be updated should be sent to shareholderinfo@koniag.com. Outdated registrations will be removed.
  • Artists are responsible for selling their own artwork; Koniag does not sell artwork for artists, nor does it act as a representative for artists.
  • Artists are responsible for any taxes due in connection with sales of their artwork, if any. Koniag is not responsible for payment of any such taxes.

The Following Are Not Allowed:

  • Items that are consumable and/or edible (e.g., no tea, roots, jams, fish etc.).
  • Items that are not original, handmade Alaska Native Artwork or traditional items.
  • Items that are vulgar or offensive.
  • Items that violate copyrights and/or are unlawful or stolen.

If you are interested in having your information included in the Koniag Artist Directory, please complete the online artist directory registration form.

Diana Velez

Koniag Affiliation: descendant
Email: info@midnightbeading.com
Website: https://midnightbeading.com/
Silver Hand Artist: yes
Primary Mediums: Mixed Media- Jewelry
Artist Bio:

Hi! I am Diana Velez, an Autiiq artist, born and raised in Anchorage, and I make Native Alaskan Jewelry. I learned how to make jewelry from LaRita Laktonen-Ward and have been exploring different styles, materials, and modern looks ever since by using a combination of colorful beads, dentalium, abalone, mother of pearl, seal skin, sea otter, Swarovski beads, and porcupine quills. My beading and sewing is inspired by my travels, exploring the outdoors, my family and dogs, camping, and painting.

Hanna Sholl

Koniag Affiliation: descendant
Email: fineartsbyhannasholl@gmail.com
Phone: 9079424785
Website: http://www.fineartsbyhannasholl.com
Silver Hand Artist: pending
Primary Mediums: Clay, acrylics, beading, drawing, multi media, photography, skin sewing, fishskin tanning.
Artist Bio:

Hanna Agasuuq Sholl, was born in Kodiak, Alaska to Sophie Frets and Bruce Burns. Her maternal grandparents were Walter and Edna Hansen. Walt was from Karluk and Edna from Chignik. The pair met in Kodiak where they lived the majority of their lives together.
Since childhood Hanna has been drawn to art. In 2006, she returned to Kodiak and began exploring Alutiiq arts. She started her journey under the mentorship of Alaska Native artist Flossie Spencer. Since then, Hanna has been developing her craft and running a business. Her exploration has led to many opportunities for learning from Native artists, culture bearers, and ancestral objects.
In 2012, Hanna married Jonathan “Gage” Sholl who plays a big role in supporting her artistic life. They have been blessed with four children. Fueled by the support of her family, Hanna dedicates her days to learning and sharing Alutiiq arts, language, and dance.

Harvey Anderson

Koniag Affiliation: shareholder
Email: harv.anderson@yahoo.com
Phone: 425-923-0261
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Anderson-Carving-Woodworks-1427936390831462/?ref=settings
Silver Hand Artist: no
Primary Mediums: Wood
Artist Bio:

I am a Kodiak born shareholder & I love to carve cedar paddles, rattles, scale model canoes, pendants. I build boxes as well as placards.
I have been carving & doing wood work for about 6 years & attended carving classes in the Northwest Indian College & a brief apprenticeship with Master Carver David Wilson- Lummi.
I have also taught paddle carving for the Nisqually, & Puyallup tribes as well as at the Chief Leschi School.


I will provide 15% discounts for the above listed as well as a 20% discount to all Koniag & Kodiak Seniors!-]

Jerry Laktonen

Koniag Affiliation: shareholder
Email: puffin-man@webtv.net
Phone: 575-495-8885
Website: https://www.facebook.com/jerrylaktonen
Silver Hand Artist: no
Primary Mediums: Wood, Canvas
Artist Bio:

Jerry Jacob Laktonen was born in 1951 on Kodiak Island, Alaska and is strongly influence by the traditional carving of his Alutiiq ancestors. His artwork has gained national recognition, including awards from the annual Santa Fe Indian Market. His masks and paddles are featured in four different permanent museum collections, as well as numerous private collections.

June Pardue

Koniag Affiliation: shareholder
Email: junepardue@outlook.com
Phone: 907-414-0605
Silver Hand Artist: yes
Primary Mediums: Alcohol Ink Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Alutiiq Weaving, Ivory and Baleen Jewelry, Beaded Headdresses, Fictional Writer
Artist Bio:

June Pardue, born in Old Harbor, is a professional multi-media artist with interests in painting, weaving, skin sewing, and beading. Alutiiq basketry and grass woven socks can be viewed at the Alutiiq Museum, Wells Fargo's Heritage Museum in Anchorage, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Autry National Center in Burbank, CA., Arctic Studies Center in Main, and various other museums. June's bead-work can be viewed at the Palmer Historical Museum in Palmer, Alaska, the Alutiiq Museum, State Museum in Juneau and Sitka, Alaska, and at the Palmer, Alaska Museum. June's paintings, created with contemporary flare are sold at the Alutiiq Museum and at venues where June sells her work. She is also an instructor at the annual Machetanz Art Festival at the Matanuska Susitna College and Mat-Su Borough School District.


June generally does not offer discounts because price points are lowered, and affordable. However, quantity purchases with painted prints are offered at a 10% discount. June does occasionally donate door prizes for shareholder meetings.

Linda Infante Lyons

Koniag Affiliation: descendant
Email: infantelyons@gmail.com
Phone: 907-351-4478
Website: http://www.lindainfantelyons.com
Silver Hand Artist: no
Primary Mediums: oil on canvas
Artist Bio:

I am a visual artist living in Anchorage. My mother is from Kodiak and was born in Karluk. I loved visiting Kodiak and spending time with my grandmother, Mary Reft Gallagher. My grandparents commercial fished and had grazing rights on Near Island and Long Island with cattle, pigs and ponies. Exploring Kodiak on their boat, hiking, picking berries and beach combing was an enriching experience and has been a great influence on my work as an artist.

I paint with oils on canvas and have been exhibiting my work for over 17 years. My favorite subject matter is landscapes, especially coastal island scenes that evoke my time in Kodiak. I recently have been working on a new body of work that reflects my Kodiak heritage, both Alutiiq and Estonian/Russian. Kodiak has a rich and complex history and I draw on the history of the Russian colonization and the culture of my Alutiiq ancestors.

I have painted a series of Russian icon inspired portraits of Alaska Native women. These paintings are based on my Alutiiq family, as well as, Alaska Native artist friends and family. I blend Alutiiq spiritual design with Christian symbolism in which to acknowledge our shared culture and to elevate and honor my Alutiiq ancestors. The Alutiiq Museum has recently acquired my painting, Saint Katherine of Karluk, an icon portrait inspired by my great grandmother, Katherine Reft.

I have a studio in the Anchorage community of Mountain View and mostly show and sell my paintings out of my studio. My work is part of several permanent collections including the Alutiiq Museum, the Alaska State Museum, the Pratt Museum and the Anchorage Museum. My work was recently exhibited in a solo show at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, AK.

I've created public art in Anchorage, painting large exterior murals. I also participate in the Alaska State Council on the Arts' Artist in Schools program, working with students. My specialty is collaborative murals, working across Alaska in rural villages such as Wales, Russian Mission, Gambell, Shaktoolik and in Kodiak, Old Harbor and my mother's birthplace, Karluk.

Grants, fellowships and museum acquisitions from the Rasmuson Foundation have been fundamental in my career and I am very honored to have received a Native Arts and Cultures Foundation 2018 National Artist Fellowship. I greatly appreciate the support from Koniag in educational grants for my studies in art which were a big kick start to my creative practice.