Alutiiq Museum And Kodiak Brown Bear Center Partner To Offfer Exciting Experience

Alaska’s well-respected Alutiiq Museum and the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, both located on Kodiak Island, have teamed up to offer more in-depth experience with Alutiiq culture.

Visitors come to the brown bear center from around the world for exceptional viewing of the world’s largest bear in a remote, pristine setting far from crowds in the sort of Alaska wilderness often touted in tourism marketing. Although the center is surrounded by the Alutiiq people’s historical homeland, it is often difficult for visitors to find ways to learn about or experience Alutiiq culture.

By forming a partnership, both KBBC and the museum are able to promote Alutiiq culture and promote participation in each other. Benefits will include a one-year membership to Alutiiq Museum for all guests of KBBC; a special advisor from the museum to help KBBC incorporate Alutiiq culture into capital projects; Alutiiq artwork displayed in KBBC guest cabins; 20 percent discount to KBBC for museum donors; “Alutiiq Week” at KBBC that will include museum staff, artists, archeologists, are more; a special package at KBBC designed for visitors interested in learning more about the Alutiiq people; discounts to KBBC for museum staff.

About the Alutiiq Museum

Opened to the public in 1995, the Alutiiq Museum is located in the city of Kodiak on Kodiak Island. It features both permanent and temporary exhibits that feature a variety of works, from ancient artifacts found in the area to modern paintings from local, living artists. The museum’s mission is to preserve and share the heritage and culture of the Alutiiq people.

About the Kodiak Brown Bear Center

Kodiak Brown Bear Center is located in the densest concentration of Kodiak brown bears, widely considered the largest bear on Earth due to its plentiful diet of salmon, which is found in great abundance on Kodiak Island. KBBC is wholly owned by Alaska Native regional corporation Koniag Inc. and offers an unparalleled combination of bear viewing and bear education alongside best-in-class accommodations.

 To schedule an interview or for more information about the Alutiiq Museum or Kodiak Brown Bear Center, please contact Dr. April Laktonen Counseller at 907-486-7004 ext. 27 or Jessica Graham at 907-561-2668.