Director Nominations Open for Koniag’s 2008 Board Election

Nominations are open for shareholders seeking election to the Koniag, Inc. Board of Directors. Three seats are up for election at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held Saturday, November 8, 2008 at Anchorage, Alaska. All valid nominations will be included in the corporation’s proxy statement.

The following are a few desired attributes for Koniag’s Board of Directors:

Background in cultural and tribal involvement, education, managerial experience, business experience, governmental or professional experience, familiarity with ANCSA and historical knowledge of the Koniag Region.

Individuals can be nominated in any of four ways:

1) An incumbent director may nominate themself by giving notice to the Board of Directors or the nomination committee of their intent to run for reelection;
2) The Board of Directors may nominate specific candidates for directors by the majority vote of the Board of Directors;
3) Shareholders may nominate themselves for director by submitting a completed nominee information form;
4) A shareholder, who has filed with Securities* in accordance with Alaska State Statutes, may be nominated from the floor during a meeting of shareholders at which directors are to be elected.

Individuals who wish to be considered must submit the following materials:

1) Cover letter indicating your desire to be considered as a candidate;
2) Brief biography and resume; and
3) Completed Nominee Information form.

Nomination packets are available at Koniag’s Kodiak and Anchorage offices and at the links below. The Nomination deadline is 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 25, 2008. Nominations received after that date will not be included on the 2008 Koniag Proxy Form.

How Do I Get Nominated for a Board Seat?
Koniag Nomination Form

* For further details about filing with Securities visit: