How to get your PIN to vote online

Shareholders are able to file their proxy online in addition to the option of using a paper one. The proxy form is located at or can be accessed at the Koniag website at

To access it, you will need your Koniag shareholder ID number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Both your shareholder ID number and your PIN are on a card enclosed with the Proxy Statement.

The PIN is unique and randomly generated. No one, not even Koniag personnel, has access to a shareholder’s PIN number. The PINs will be changed each year. You should retain the card so you can access the Internet Proxy.

If you misplace your PIN, contact Sramek Hightower at 907-563-6722 or 907-677-3320 for a replacement.

You may use the Internet Proxy as often as you wish prior to the October 1, 2014, proxy deadline.