Howard Torsen

Howard passed away in the early hours of December 10, 2012 in Seattle, WA where he was receiving medical care for a recent illness.

Howard served on the Ouzinkie Native Corporation Board for twenty-five years and devoted much of his energies as a director as a staunch advocate on fisheries issues. He served as Ouzinkie’s representative on the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition (GOAC3) Board of Directors and could be always counted upon to support both villages’ and individual fishermen’s interests through advocacy and testimony to National Marine Fisheries, legislators, and other stakeholders on diverse issues regarding fisheries management, enforcement, stocks, allocations and bycatch.

Howard was one of the key persons instrumental in creating the successful village (Ouzinkie) Community Development Quota (CDQ) program. He served as ONC member of KONCOR board for 20+ years and on the Katmai Wilderness Lodge board since its acquisition by ONC. Always willing to travel, with a sense of adventure, Howie’s presence, humor and wit will be missed as we move ahead on different paths, until we meet again.

May his memory be eternal.

Text Courtesy of Ouzinkie Native Corporation