Karluk River Advisory Committee Formed

Koniag is pleased to announce that an advisory committee is being formed to provide input on management decisions for the lands surrounding Karluk Lake, Karluk River, Sturgeon River and Uyak Bay.

Committee members will work with land department staff on issues such as visitor industry development, trespass, subsistence opportunities and any other items tasked by Koniag management.

Meetings will be held a minimum of three times a year. The meetings locations will rotate between Karluk, Larsen Bay and a Koniag cabin facility on Karluk Lake or River. Please see the application instructions and frequently asked questions form for more information on travel. Note: The first meeting will be held in Karluk and is tentatively scheduled for April 3, 2008.

The committee will consist of three voting shareholders or descendants originally registered with the village of Karluk, three voting shareholders or descendants originally registered with the village of Larsen Bay and one Koniag land department staff member. Seats are further defined as 1 – tribal government, 1 – commercial operator and 1 – subsistence/at-large from both Karluk and Larsen Bay. Tribal government representatives will be chosen by the tribal councils in each village but the commercial and subsistence/at-large seats will be appointed by Koniag. If you are interested in applying for a tribal government seat, please contact your tribal council.

If you or any other voting shareholder or registered descendant in your household wishes to apply for the committee, please fill out the form completely and return it to Koniag’ Kodiak office by Friday, March 21, 2008.

If you have any questions regarding this application or the committee, please contact the land department at 486-2530.