Koniag Announces Board Election Results

Koniag, Inc. is proud to announce the newly-elected members of the Board of Directors. Our new Directors are incumbents Chris A. Johnson and Ronald Wayne Unger and non-incumbent Conrad Albert Peterson – all of which ran on the Board-nominated slate.

Chris Johnson is a returning member who has served on the Board since 2002 and is the current Chairman of the Board. Mr. Johnson brings a great deal of valuable experience to the Board. In addition to his five years with Koniag, he has also served on numerous other boards and committees and is the president of IMC Software in Seattle.

Mr. Johnson’s main goals are to increase dividends and secure better benefits for the Shareholders of Koniag. He believes in a strong team that will serve Koniag well, making decisions that are beneficial to Shareholders both now and in the future.

Ronald Unger is another returning Board member with past Koniag experience. He has served on the Board since 2004 and is a shareholder of the Afognak Corporation. Mr. Unger is the president and CEO of Worksmart, Inc. and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.

Mr. Unger feels that the Board’s responsibility is to the Shareholders, and that an increasing dividend and cultural enrichment are positive goals for the people of Koniag. He hopes to maintain the momentum that has been gained in the past years, continuing to build on success after success.

Conrad Peterson is a new addition to the Koniag Board, although he has been involved in many organizations in Kodiak, including the Old Harbor Tribal Council, the Old Harbor scholarship committee, the Kodiak Island Housing Authority board of commissioners and the Alaska Federation of Natives board of directors.

Mr. Peterson is a firm believer that his involvement with the Board will help bring positive changes to the people of Koniag. Involvement and experience with his Alutiiq culture has helped deepen his knowledge and respect for the Region. Peterson hopes to share this commitment with the Board as well as the people of Koniag.