Koniag, Inc. – Thomas Panamaroff named President

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  –  March 13, 2014

(Anchorage, Alaska) – Koniag, Inc. CEO Liz Perry announced today the appointment of Tom Panamaroff as President of Koniag, Inc.

Mr. Panamaroff is Alutiiq and grew up in Kodiak.  He is a Koniag Shareholder and has served as Interim President of Koniag for the past year.  He began his career at Koniag in 2000 and has served as Corporate Affairs Manager and Vice President, Business Operations.  In 2005 he became President of Koniag Development Corporation, a position he held until last year.  “I’m honored to hold this position and look forward to working with Liz and the rest of our management team to serve our Shareholders,” said Mr. Panamaroff.

As President Mr. Panamaroff will split his time between Kodiak and Anchorage and will oversee Shareholder Relations, Regional Affairs, and Lands and Natural Resources. “Shareholder relations is a primary focus of Tom’s role,” said CEO Liz Perry. “My job, and the job of our management team, is to serve our Shareholders and bring value to Koniag. Tom is a talented and dedicated leader and I know I can count on him to bring Shareholder interests and priorities to the forefront.”

About Koniag, Inc.

Koniag, Inc. is one of the 13 Alaska Native regional corporations established in 1971 by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Koniag represents the Alutiiq people from Alaska’s Kodiak Island region. Koniag manages a diverse portfolio of operating companies and real estate holdings.  For more information, visit www.Koniag.com.

Contact:  Liz Perry, CEO
(907) 561-2668