Corporate Values

Guided by our values. Inspired by our Shareholders.

Our Board of Directors recently redefined our core values. They represent who we are, what we stand for, and why we do what we do. They help everyone — Shareholders, Descendants, vendors and business partners — understand how we conduct business and what our goals are.

Corporate Vision

Real People, Real Growth

Mission Statement

Koniag achieves financial growth, honors our culture, protects our lands, advocates for our communities, and makes a meaningful impact on our Koniag family.

Our core values:

  • Planning for the Long Term
  • Honoring our Heritage and Culture
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Being Open and Honest
  • Having Pride in our Work
  • Sharing the Catch


Planning for the Long Term

We are the Sugpiaq-Alutiiq, a culture that has thrived for thousands of years. We make our decisions with the understanding that we will continue to prosper as a distinct people. We have traditionally relied on the land and sea for subsistence and our livelihood. We have always been sensitive to the cycles of the seasons and have recognized the need to plan ahead in order to be prepared for the future.

As a Corporation, we adhere to the philosophy that we must always we focused on the future to ensure we can provide for our Shareholders. Koniag is focused on stewardship of our lands; furthering the education of all our stakeholders; providing sustainable benefits to our Shareholders; and the investment of our financial assets with the expectation that we will continue to exist as a “forever” Corporation for our Shareholders.


Honoring our Heritage & Culture

Throughout history the Native community on Kodiak Island has demonstrated resilience and an ability to adapt.  As a result of our early contact with Russian explorers and later with other western societies, we became separated from many elements of our traditional culture.  Today, our culture is thriving, traditional activities are being resurrected, and our language is being preserved and taught to our children and others.

Individuals with a strong cultural identity have a sense of belonging, connection, and positive self-esteem. We steadfastly promote and sustain our Alutiiq culture and language in honor of our rich heritage.


Embracing Diversity

Our stakeholders come from diverse places and circumstances, ranging from those living in remote Alaska villages to large cities around the world, and in different stages of their lives from respected Elders to youthful descendants.

We celebrate our diversity and recognize that it is a source of strength to help us persevere and prosper.


Being Open and Honest

Our roots come from the small, tightly-knit villages of the Koniag region where neighbors are lifelong friends or family members and everyone is familiar with each other’s character.

As a Corporation, our foundation is built on long-term business relationships based on openness, honesty and mutual trust.


Having Pride in our Work

We cherish our reputation which is built on an ethical foundation that directs us to always do what is right.

Pride in our culture and heritage is reflected in our corporate identity. We enjoy hard work, take our work seriously, yet we are humble enough not to take ourselves too seriously.


Sharing the Catch

The act of sharing embodies the Alutiiq cultural values of generosity and selflessness. In Sugpiaq-Alutiiq communities, providers share their catch with others, and all community members are valued for the various ways they share their catch. As a community, we celebrate the sacrifice and commitment of our providers, honor our interdependence on each other, and remember that resources must be sustained to catch (provide) for future generations.    

We value the individual contributions of every employee and stakeholder. We recognize that each person’s contribution to the Corporation is vital to the overall success of Koniag. We celebrate and appreciate our employees and other stakeholders whose hard work and dedication makes it possible for the Corporation to share its catch. Koniag enriches the lives of our Shareholders and their families through robust benefits and services. __________________________________________________________________________________