Regional Advocacy

Regional Advocacy exemplifies Koniag’s place as a leader in our community as the regional Alaska Native Corporation for the Kodiak Islands area.

One of the areas in which Koniag believes it can make a difference in Shareholders’ lives is in Regional Advocacy. As the regional corporation representing nearly 3,900 Shareholders, Koniag carries political influence to lead and work on issues of importance to our Shareholders, particularly those living within the Koniag Region.

If there is a regional benefit, Koniag’s voice lends credibility, and Koniag has the capacity, Koniag will support and work with the region’s village corporations, tribal and municipal governments, regional and community non-profits, and/or villages on projects and initiatives that promote the well-being of Koniag Shareholders, and enhance regional unity. In general, Koniag will support the consensus position on issues that come before regional and statewide Alaska Native groups unless the position is adverse to Koniag’s best interests.

Annually, the Koniag Board of Directors reviews and approves an Advocacy Plan. This Plan includes primary, secondary and tertiary issues that Koniag will advocate for throughout the year. The plan also defines Koniag’s role in the advocacy issue, in particular if Koniag will take the lead on the issue or serve as a support for other lead organizations.