Shareholder Committees


Whether you live in Alaska or the Lower 48, being part of a Shareholder Committee is an excellent way for Shareholders to become involved with their corporation and maintain ties to the Kodiak Region.

Shareholder Committees are located in Anchorage, Kodiak, and Seattle. Each committee consists of no more than 15 volunteers who are voting Shareholders or Koniag Descendants.

The Koniag Board of Directors formed the Shareholder Committees in order to increase two-way communication between Koniag and our Shareholders. Volunteer committee members meet quarterly to identify and discuss issues of immediate and long-term importance to Shareholders. Topics range from financial review to Shareholder surveys and from cultural programs to scholarships opportunities.

Get Involved!

Contact Shareholder Services via email if you are interested in volunteering for a committee or learning more about the program.

2020 Seattle Committee Members

  • Adams, Debra
  • Bolin, Lorna
  • Christiansen, Carl
  • Dunham, Jim
  • Era, Vickie
  • Era-Miller, Brandee
  • Komm, Alicia
  • Madriaga, Gabe
  • Madriaga, Marsha
  • McNight, Kathy
  • Middleton, Becky
  • Naumoff, Ed
  • Reddick, David
  • Russell, Evie
  • Sluder, Darla
  • White, Jodi

2020 Kodiak Committee Members

  • Capjohn, Emily
  • Christiansen, Sabrina
  • Friend, Brenda
  • Hayden, Natasha
  • Olsen, Lydia
  • Pahmeier, Laurie
  • Prince, Patricia
  • Reft, Edward
  • Simeonoff, Speridon
  • Tucker, David
  • Wolkoff, Sharon

2020 Anchorage Committee Members

  • Ackerman, Barbara
  • Anderson, Jean
  • Buzby, Jason
  • Collinge, Brenda
  • Cronin, Desiree
  • Halvorsen, Marya
  • Hughes, Stephanie
  • Kewan, Dana
  • Kluever, Vicki
  • Thomsen, Lisa
  • Tougas, Mary
  • Watson, Polly