Proxies in the mail

Proxies are in the mail!

The 2018 Annual Report, Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement and Proxy Form will be hitting your mailboxes shortly. Voting is one of the most meaningful responsibilities and privileges of being a Koniag Shareholder. Each year Shareholders have the opportunity to participate in the selection of Board leadership and thereby help to determine the direction of our Corporation.
In 2018, Shareholders will also have the opportunity to vote on a proposal to establish a Settlement Trust. See the link for more information. Settlement Trust

Koniag relies on your vote. We ask you to vote early, as soon as you receive your proxy forms, to help us reach a quorum – every signed proxy is counted toward the number of votes we must achieve.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Koniag, Inc. (Koniag) will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at the Afognak Native Corporation, 300 Alimaq Drive, Kodiak, Alaska 99615. Registrations start at 8:30am.

For those who cannot join us in person, Koniag will broadcast the Annual Meeting via a live webcast.  On the day of the meeting, please look for the “Webcast” button link on the Koniag website home page.