Adapting to the changing needs of our community is an essential part of how we work toward our value of Planning for the Long Term.

As Koniag enters our sixth decade, we continue learning from our past while keeping in mind that we must always be focused on the future.

Our businesses are growing, our organization is evolving, and our Shareholders are becoming more diverse in age, background, and where they live. While this type of growth means we are able to provide for our Shareholders, it also presents challenges.

Changing Tides

On the Move

50% of Shareholders live outside of Alaska

Changing Base

For each estate processed, there are an average of 3 heirs

Super Voters

Elders are twice as likely to vote than younger Shareholders

Maturity Reigns

80% of Koniag’s voting shares are held by Shareholders aged 50+

Evolving Participation

While Koniag has met a threshold of a majority of voting shares, a majority of voters have not voted in the past four years out of five

Quorum Matters