Recipent of KEF Intership Scholarship – Peter Boskofsky

(December 16, 2009) Peter Boskofsky, a second-year law student at Gonzaga, recently received a $10,000 internship scholarship from the Koniag Education Foundation in Alaska.

Koniag, Inc. and the Koniag Education Foundation (KEF) have jointly coordinated an internship scholarship program to seek out Koniag’s best and brightest shareholders and descendants to intern with subsidiaries of the Koniag Development Corporation (KDC), and to establish relationships between future leaders and Koniag, Inc.

Boskofsky, originally from Chignik, Alaska, studied political science at the University of Hawaii-Hilo. He was attracted to Gonzaga Law School because of its Indian Law program, and because of the opportunity to be part of the Economic Policy Institute. Peter said he has had a chance to meet many other Alaskan law students at GU who hope to return to Alaska and practice law. He said he appreciates the professors at Gonzaga who are very “knowledgeable on law relating to Alaska issues.”

Boskofsky said that Koniag Regional Corporation “has been a strong supporter of my education. This internship will give me a chance to become more familiar with Alaska Native Corporations and the influence they have on challenges facing Alaska Natives.”

Upon graduation Peter would like to return to Alaska and work for an Alaska Native Corporation, helping advance the well-being and livelihood of Alaskan Natives.

Gonzaga Law School’s Institute for Development of Economic Policy for Indigenous People studies and analyzes economic issues in Indian Country and Alaska in an effort to seek solutions based on public policy and the rule of law. The Institute works with Indigenous leadership to develop public policies and create the legal structure required to support a sustainable economic system.

Article courtesy of Gonza University.