Reminder for Kodiak And Village Info Meetings

Just a quick reminder for the Kodiak and Kodiak Village Info meetings starting this Saturday!

We have great door prizes and delicious food for each meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.
Check out these events on our Facebook site.


Kodiak- September 10th 12:00 pm

Afognak Native Corporation Building  300 Alimaq Drive, Kodiak, AK


Larsen Bay- September 11th 12:00 pm

City  Building, Larsen Bay, AK


Port Lions-September 12th   11:00 am

Tribal Building, Port Lions, AK


Ouzinkie- September 12th  3:00 pm

Cultural Center, Ouzinkie, AK


Akhiok- September 13th  11:00 am

School, Akhiok, AK


Old Harbor- September 13th 3:00 pm

Bingo Hall, Old Harbor, AK