Ron Unger selected as CEO/Marty Shuravloff appointed to Board


Cama’i Shareholders,

With an eye to the future and continued growth, the Koniag Board of Directors is pleased to announce our selection of Ron Unger as Koniag’s CEO and our appointment of Marty Shuravloff to fill Ron’s seat on the Koniag Board.

As Interim CEO and Board Chairman, Ron was instrumental in helping Koniag through a successful leadership transition resulting in a strong team of business leaders and sustainable earnings growth. His hire allows for long-term stability as Koniag continues our journey to provide meaningful benefits to you, our Shareholders.

Prior to being hired as the CEO, Ron served on the Koniag Board for 14 years, with 6 years as Chairman. Twice during his time on the Board, Ron stepped in as acting CEO in 2013 to launch the current growth strategy, and then again in 2017 when former CEO Liz Perry had to step down unexpectedly to take care of her immediate family. In both instances, Koniag realized improved financial results and delivered increased Shareholder benefits.

In order to ensure leadership continuity, the Board has asked Ron to serve as a non-voting Chair until the Board votes in a new Chair. In accordance with Koniag bylaws, the Board may elect a Chair who is not a Board member. In such instances, the Chair focuses on facilitating Board discussion and cannot vote on Board actions.

The Board is also delighted to welcome Marty Shuravloff to fill Ron’s seat. Marty brings a wealth of experience from his two previous stints on the Koniag Board and his more than two decades leading the Kodiak Island Housing Authority. During that time Marty oversaw the rehabilitation of 200 houses and the construction of 90 more. His impressive resume also includes being elected Chair of the National American Indian Housing Council and being a governor’s appointee to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Board for more than fifteen years. We are confident that Marty’s business acumen, in-region knowledge, and unwavering commitment to Koniag will make him an asset in the Boardroom.



Tyan Hayes, Acting Vice Chair and Secretary

Matt Olsen, Treasurer

Alex Cleghorn, Director

Tony Drabek, Director

Dr. Sven Haakanson, Jr., Director

Janissa Johnson, Director

Conrad Peterson, Director

Rita Stevens, Director