Shareholder Survey

Instructions for an online survey conducted by Customer Experiences Inc. are being mailed to every Shareholder in the month of January. The survey is unique from other surveys because it does not ask pointed questions. Rather it offers open dialogue boxes where Shareholders can speak their minds.

The survey is intended to capture expectations that Shareholders have of their corporation. By taking the survey, Shareholders not only help the corporation, but also qualify for a cash drawing. Customer Experiences Inc. is based on the concept of Promise-Driven Organizations™ and will group the promises into common threads, which will then be used in strategic planning during the 2008 Board Retreat.

The online survey can be accessed at Shareholders who do not have access to the Internet can call toll free at (866) 656-8096 to complete the survey. The 2007 online proxy accounted for over 50 percent of the voting, which demonstrates the usefulness of the Internet in communicating with Shareholders. This method of surveying Shareholders should be less intrusive and less expensive.