Charitable Giving

In the spirt of Koniag’s core value “Sharing the Catch” we are proud to have a generous sponsorship and charitable giving process. Koniag’s giving is focused in five key areas: 1) education, 2) scholarships, 3) Alutiiq culture, 4) in-region economic development initiatives, and 5) other programs that directly serve our Shareholders and Descendants. The majority of Koniag’s giving targets non-profits and tribes in the Kodiak Island area.
Koniag rarely funds activities or organizations that are outside of the Kodiak region. Koniag does not fund organizations that are of a non-charitable nature, individuals, organizations located outside of the state of Alaska that will not directly benefit our Shareholder and Descendants, or activities or services that should be funded by the government.
Koniag awards two types of monetary donations. Tier 1 donations are the types of donations Koniag most often awards. These donations generally range from $100 to $1,500 per event or organization, although larger donations are periodically awarded. Tier 2 donations are donations limited to select charitable organizations whose mission and programs directly align with Koniag’s giving philosophy and the Corporation’s long-term giving goals. Organizations must be invited to apply for a Tier 2 donation to be considered for funding. Donation amounts generally range from $50,000 to $380,000 annually.

Requests must be submitted in writing by either email or a letter and should be received at least three weeks in advance of the event. The following needs to be included in the donation or sponsorship request:

  • Organization name and address
  • The name of the individual responsible for submitting the request
  • The purpose of the donation or sponsorship
  • The date of the event or gathering (if applicable)
  • The type of support requested (monetary donation, sponsorship request)
  • The amount requested
  • What will be purchased with the funds

*Requests without all necessary information will not be processed.

Requests should be submitted to:
Attn: Shauna Hegna, President
194 Alimaq Drive
Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Other Types of Community Support
Koniag occasionally authorizes its staff to volunteer at non-profit events as part of their work day. To request Koniag staff to support your event, please contact Shareholder Services and they will determine if Koniag staff can support your event.
Koniag provides other resources to organizations, including: promotional items, giveaway items, facility space for gatherings, and other in-kind contributions. To request any of these items, please contact Shareholder Services.