As part owners of Koniag, Shareholders are responsible for keeping their records updated and voting in Koniag elections.

Updating Records
It is essential that each Shareholder have the correct contact information on file with Koniag. Without updated records, you may not receive important communications such as dividends, annual reports, newsletters, voting proxies, and informational statements. The easiest way to confirm your information is current and submit any necessary updates is through the My Koniag portal.

Shareholders are responsible for ensuring the long-term strength of the corporation by electing Koniag’s Board of Directors. Whether you have a small or large number of shares, each vote counts toward electing leaders that will guide the future of Koniag. Shareholders can vote either in person at Koniag’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders or by submitting a proxy online or via mail.

Shareholder Contact & Conduct Expectation
All employeesof Koniag are expected to provide a high level of customer service when interacting with Shareholders. Employee conduct should enhance the reputation of the corporation and reflect the values of Koniag. To promote positive communication, Koniag commits to the following:

  • Engage in respectful communication whether in person, over the telephone, or in writing
  • Value diversity
  • Provide Shareholder assistance in a clear and concise manner
  • Respect confidentiality policies, procedures, and laws
  • Speak and correspond in a professional manner
  • Promote a safe work and business environment
  • Demonstrate positive interactions
  • Be open and honest in all communication

Koniag expects Shareholders to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner when contacting the office, interacting with employees, and attending Koniag meetings and events. To promote positive communication, Shareholders should:

  • Engage in respectful communication whether in person, over the telephone, or in writing
  • Be patient and polite when making requests
  • Refrain from bullying, threatening, or harassment of any kind
  • Respect the office staff, equipment, and property
  • Abide by office rules and follow common office etiquette
  • Do not be impaired by drugs or alcohol

Koniag believes that setting this high standard for all communications between employees and Shareholders will improve outcomes in customer service and meeting Shareholder needs.