Among Koniag’s most valuable assets
are its land holdings.

Koniag holds title to approximately 143,000 acres of surface estate and approximately 990,000 acres of subsurface estate. Surface estate includes both land “on the surface” and some submerged lands under fresh water bodies, while subsurface estate includes a variety of mineral, oil, gas, sand, gravel, and hard-rock resources.

Our Alutiiq people have been the stewards of these lands and resources for more than 7,500 years. At Koniag we recognize that our strongest ties to our Alutiiq culture, history, and heritage come through our connection with our lands and the natural resources that continue to support and provide for our people.


Koniag is committed to being good stewards to our lands by:

Honoring our heritage and culture by recognizing the importance of our lands and appreciation for the opportunities it provides.

Having pride in our work by using these lands and resources to benefit our current generation.

Maintaining a long-term perspective to ensure future generations are able to count on the same opportunities provided by the lands and resources we enjoy today.

Karluk Area Management Permit Info

Located across the river from the Portage Camp on the “Larsen Bay side” of the Karluk, Koniag maintains a cabin for Shareholder use.

For questions about Koniag lands, Land Use Permits, or to book a stay in the Shareholder cabin, contact us at

Koniag is entrusted with managing our lands and resources to benefit and provide access for Koniag Shareholders now and into the future.