Koniag Shareholders are eligible for a variety of benefits and services.


Please make sure your contact information and records are current in order to receive the latest communications from Koniag.

The easiest way to check and update your records is by registering for the My Koniag portal. Forms can also be printed from the links below and submitted by mail, fax or in-person to Koniag.

Shareholders are responsible for notifying Koniag of an address change. If you move and do not notify Shareholder Services of a new address, many of our mailings and even your dividend may not find you at your new residence.

Address Change Form

Descendants of voting Koniag Shareholders should apply to be Registered Descendants in order to be eligible for certain benefits.

Descendant Application Form

Direct deposit enables Shareholders to have dividends electronically deposited into a bank account on the designated date of the dividend distribution.

Direct Deposit Form

Shareholders may gift Koniag shares as long as certain criteria are met. Details are available within the Gift of Stock Form instructions.

Gifting Application

The Good Grade Incentive Program is designed to encourage student success by providing a $50 cash award to Middle and High School students who maintain a grade point average at or above 3.0.

Good Grade Incentive Program Instructions  

Apply online at koniag.com/goodgrade! 

Shareholders are responsible for notifying Koniag in the event of a legal name change.

Name Change Form

The Richard Frost Youth Memorial Scholarship Program provides financial support for a range of activities and events to voting Shareholders and registered Descendants from age 3 through high school. Students may receive up to $1,000 to attend athletic, scholastic, cultural, or leadership trainings, camps or events that will help them reach their goals.

Richard Frost Youth Memorial Scholarship Application

For information on Koniag Education Foundation scholarships, visit KEF’s website.

In 2017, Koniag created a burial assistance program for the families of deceased voting Shareholders that have a will on file with Koniag, were a minor at the time of death, or were incapacitated during the entire time they owned shares.

Starting February 1, 2023, Koniag expanded this program to include voting Shareholders who do not have a will on file, but whose estates are able to provide the required documents needed to transfer shares promptly. Please contact Shareholder Records at 800-562-5258 for more details about how to apply for this special program.

Burial Assistance Application- With Will

Burial Assistance Application- Without Will (Intestate)


Koniag encourages Shareholders to complete a Stock Will Form that provides for disposition of Koniag stock after a Shareholder passes away.

Stock Will Form