An individual can become a Shareholder one of two ways: by inheritance or gifting from a family member. The Inter Vivos Gifting Application with complete instructions and eligibility requirements is available on our Records & Forms page.

Voting is one of the most meaningful responsibilities of being a Koniag Shareholder. By voting, Shareholders have the opportunity to select Board leadership and help determine Koniag’s direction. A majority of outstanding shares must be voted in order to establish a quorum and a valid election of Directors at the Annual Meeting. If Koniag fails to meet a quorum, we must hold a costly second election.

The Shareholder portal, called My Koniag, is a tool where Shareholders and Descendants can manage their own contact and bank information. Shareholders and Descendants may register online at

The Descendant Program allows Koniag to communicate with future Shareholders and notify them of internships, scholarships and other opportunities. The Descendant Application Form can be found on our Records & Forms page.

Shareholders and Descendants can update their contact information on the My Koniag portal or submit an Address Change Form, which can be found on our Records & Forms page.

Shareholders and Descendants can notify Koniag of a name change by submitting a Name Change Form, which can be found on our Records & Forms page.

The Koniag Education Foundation (KEF) provides education and career assistance to Koniag Shareholders and registered Descendants. For more information or to obtain an application, contact KEF at 1-888-562-9093 (toll free) or email

Yes! Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. Scholarship funding is limited and available for voting Koniag Shareholders and registered Descendants to attend athletic, scholastic, cultural, and leadership trainings, camps or events. For more information about youth scholarships, visit our Benefits page.

Unlike the stock of most other corporations, the stock issued by Koniag and the other ANCSA corporations is not transferable except in certain limited cases. As a result, the stock is said to be “restricted.” Restricted stock cannot be sold or transferred except by inheritance or gifts to close family members.

Shareholders are encouraged to complete a stock will, which provides for the disposition of their Koniag stock as intended by the Shareholder. All Shareholders who have completed a valid Koniag stock will form are eligible for a quarterly drawing and an annual grand prize drawing. The stock will form can be found on our Records & Forms page.

To help defray the cost of funeral expenses and other costs associated with the death of a relative, Koniag provides a burial assistance program for the families of deceased voting Shareholders who have a stock-will on file with Koniag. The burial assistance application can be found on our Benefits page.