Government Contracting

Koniag Government Services (KGS) is an agile hub of problem-solving, efficient employees built within a culture that is honored to serve our country.

Koniag Government Services

Koniag Government Services’ expertise includes:

  • Enterprise Solutions: Modern technical solutions that are designed to meet client needs. KGS finds solutions to the most challenging mission and business problems.
  • Professional Services: KGS’s support for leadership organizations encompasses full-scale consulting services, thought leadership, solution engineering, and program management to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs.
  • Operations Management: KGS offers best in class facilities management and integrated logistics support, enabling customers with a “one-stop” partner to ensure success.

Commercial IT

Koniag’s vision with our Commercial IT sector is to grow and invest in profitable commercial operating companies that provide cutting edge technology services.

Koniag’s Commercial IT Services sector currently consists of Vervint and its subsidiaries.


Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with branch offices in Detroit, Minneapolis, and London,  Vervint is a technology company delivering a full line of professional services to commercial customers. Vervint’s services include:

  • Enterprise technology services within data center environments
  • Business transformation services such as design strategy, business process solutions, custom software development, data analytics, Internet of Things, and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Energy & Water

Koniag Energy & Water (KEW) empowers communities with safe and reliable energy and water solutions through exceptional talent and technology.

Local to Alaska, Built for Harsh Environments

Alaskan Legacy, World-Class Service

Headquartered in Wasilla, Alaska with branch offices in Soldotna, KEW provides comprehensive technical design, engineering, fabrication, and optimization of industrial systems. KEW works in some of the world’s harshest conditions in Alaska and across the United States, providing a unique mix of local know-how and modern technology.

KEW offers end-to-end solutions, encompassing everything from conceptual design and local manufacturing to seamless installation and maintenance. Some of KEW’s solutions include:

  • Automation & Controls
  • Electrical Services
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Custom Fabrication
  • Power & Renewables
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Cata-Dyne Heaters

Real Estate

Koniag’s philosophy in real estate is simple: to look for good value in markets that are growing or poised for expansion and develop relationships with partners who understand and align with our mission and core values.

Koniag Real Estate, LLC

Koniag Real Estate, LLC oversees Koniag’s diverse real estate portfolio. Our real estate investments are located across the country, but primarily in the West with properties in Alaska and Texas.

  • Crystal Village is a 65 acre development property located at the corner of Crystal Falls Parkway and 183-A Northbound Frontage Road, in Leander, Texas. We currently have parcels for mixed-use, multi-family, retail, and hospitality.
  • Koniag recently sold its last parcel of mixed-use development in Shenandoah, Texas and is participating in the buyer’s development of a medical office building, Physicians Centre at Vision Park.
  • Koniag Energy & Water Headquarters are located at 1977 E Bogard Road, in Wasilla, Alaska. As owner-occupied real estate if a key part of Koniag’s real estate investment strategy, it will serve as the corporate headquarters of Koniag’s Energy & Water sector.
  • Koniag’s Near Island Building is located at 194 Alimaq Drive, Kodiak, Alaska. Home to class A office space and sweeping mountain and ocean views, tenants can watch whales and bald eagles from their offices and conference rooms. Class A office space is occasionally available for rent.

Koniag Region Investments

Koniag’s vision is to advance in-region investments that measurably deliver on Koniag’s mission to support culture and community. The products and services provided by these businesses are generated from Koniag’s lands and natural resources.

Our Koniag region investments consist of a granite quarry at Shakmanof Cove operated through Kodiak Granite Quarry and the Kodiak Brown Bear Center located on Karluk Lake’s Camp Island in southwest Kodiak Island.

The Kodiak Granite Quarry

  • Kodiak Granite Quarry, located at Shakmanof Cove on Kodiak Island, holds a large deposit of aggregate and armor granite rock suitable for marine and road construction. The quarry is in development and currently capable of producing armor stone, all grades of riprap, porous and gabion backfill, and crushed aggregate.
  • Located on the southwest side of Kodiak Island, the Kodiak Brown Bear Center provides exclusive guided tours of the largest brown bear in the world – the Kodiak brown bear.