Eunice (Naumoff) Foster

(January 2, 2011) Eunice (Naumoff) Foster passed away peacefully on Jan. 2, 2011, at the age of 67. She was born in the village of Karluk to Nikita Naumoff and Marina (Naumoff) Waselie. She grew up in Karluk, went to Mt. Edgecombe High School and then returned to live in Larsen Bay and Kodiak.

She was a devoted daughter to her mother, spending many years as her caregiver. Her mother, Marina Waselie, passed away just two months ago.

Eunice was the mother of three children: two sons and a daughter. She was preceded in death by her two sons, Michael D. Naumoff and Jeffrey A. Naumoff, and her husband Donald Foster. She is survived by her daughter Darlene M. Quinton, sister Sophie (Katelnikoff) Shepherd, brother Lars Naumoff, grandson Nikita M. Naumoff, granddaughter Margaret M. Naumoff and many extended family members.

Eunice will be remembered for her generosity, wonderful sense of humor, ability to make friends with anyone she met and loving nature.