Providing access to our lands


The Karluk River flows through a remote area on the southwest side of Kodiak Island, and Koniag manages the majority of land in the Karluk River Basin.

To facilitate public access to these lands, Koniag owns and operates four cabins located at strategic locations along the Karluk River.

Nearly all access to the Karluk is via float plane air taxis. There are only three access points for float planes along the river: at the outlet of Karluk Lake, the Portage area mid-river, and in the Karluk Lagoon at the terminus of the river. There are many opportunities for recreation along the river, from hunting and angling to enjoying the intrinsic beauty of this incredible ecosystem through river floats, photography, and just generally relaxing.

All unguided and guided users must obtain a Land Use Permit when visiting Koniag’s lands. Koniag Shareholders and Descendants can receive a permit at no cost.

Located at the outlet of Karluk Lake and the headwaters of the Karluk River, the Outlet is a six-person cabin sited in an ideal location for lake and river access and recreation.

Located across the river from the Portage Camp on the “Larsen Bay side” of the Karluk, the Shareholder Cabin is primarily reserved for Koniag Shareholders.

This cabin offers a quaint way to experience the Karluk River and is ideal for larger groups of 6 guests and their attendant guides.

Travel and recreation on the Karluk are similar to other backcountry locations in Alaska. There are risks involved, including encounters with wild animals, inclement weather hampering travel and pick-up plans, and injury. Koniag strongly recommends that any person traveling to remote lands fully prepare themselves mentally, physically, and materially before venturing into the backcountry.

Along with traditional trip-planning advice and common sense, some additional Kodiak-specific steps include:

  • Ask questions of people who have previously traveled to your intended destination;
  • Speak with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Kodiak about bear behavior and etiquette while in bear country (visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more information);
  • Carry at least one type of emergency communication (VHF radio, satellite phone, etc.), be familiar with its use, and know local emergency numbers;
  • Familiarize yourself with maps of the location and required permits;
  • Dress in layers of appropriate and durable outdoor clothing;
  • Pack several extra days’ worth of food; and
  • File a trip plan with someone you know that includes information about your air taxi provider.