Old Harbor Townhall Meeting Cancelled 9/13/22

Unfortunately, due to a COVID-19 outbreak, Koniag has cancelled the 9/13/22 Old Harbor Townhall meeting. We hope all in the community are on the mend quickly! The rest of the scheduled meetings on Kodiak Island this week will go on as planned: 9/13 Akhiok at the school 9-11 am 9/14 Larsen Bay at the tribal … Continued

Koniag Endorses Lisa Murkowski for Reelection to U.S. Senate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 2, 2022Media Contact: Charles Fedullo charlesf@strategies360.com 907-388-8055 Kodiak, AK – The Koniag Board of Directors has endorsed Lisa Murkowski for reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022. Koniag leadership is supporting the state’s senior senator for the third time in recognition of Senator Murkowski’s consistent work as an advocate for Alaska Native … Continued

2022 Koniag Shareholder and registered Descendant survey

Cama’i Koniag Shareholders and registered Descendants, Yesterday we launched our 2022 Koniag Survey via email to both Voting Shareholders and registered Descendants. Your participation in this process is very important to us. Please log on to the Koniag Webportal for more information. Quyanaa.

2022 7(j) Distribution

Friday June 3 : Date of Record: Last day to make changes to stock via gifting, name change, or estate transfer. Thursday, June 16: Deadline to update banking and mailing information for this distribution. Friday, June 24: Distribution of $12.92 per Class B share. The safest and quickest way to receive your distribution is by … Continued

Koniag Endorses Tara Katuk Mac Lean Sweeney for U.S. Congress

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 28, 2022 Media Contact: Charles Fedullo907-388-8055 or charlesf@strategies360.com Koniag Endorses Tara Katuk Mac Lean Sweeney for U.S. Congress Kodiak, AK – The Koniag Board of Directors has unanimously endorsed Tara Katuk Mac Lean Sweeney for U.S. Congress. Her unique understanding of, and effectiveness in, all levels of government, her knowledge of Alaska … Continued

CARES Act Payments Issued by Koniag Not Taxable

The Department of the Treasury has announced that CARES funding distributed to and through ANCSA corporations- including Koniag- will not be considered taxable income. For additional details, please visit the IRS website

Koniag Accepting Shareholder Proposals

Koniag Accepting Proposals for the 2022 Annual Meeting to be held October 1, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. In accordance with Section 2.13.1 of Koniag’s bylaws, proposals must be included on the agenda and must meet the following criteria: 1. Written resolution form, no more than 100 words in length and comply with Section 2.13 of … Continued