2021 Shareholder Proposals

Koniag is accepting Shareholder proposals for the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in Kodiak, Alaska.

In accordance with Section 2.13.1 of Koniag’s bylaws. proposals must be included on the agenda and must meet the following criteria:

1. Written resolution form, no more than 100 words in length and comply with Section 2.13 of the bylaws of the Corporation. No individual or organization of Shareholders may submit more than two resolutions for adoption at any meeting.

2. Accompanied by a petition signed by Shareholders who represent not less than one percent (1%) of the outstanding voting shares of the Corporation. The pet it ion must comply with the bylaw provisions on petitions.

3. Each resolution submitted must be accompanied by the name and address of the Shareholder submitting the resolution.

4. A supporting statement of not more than 500 words in length must also be submitted for use in the proxy statement. This statement must be in compliance with Alaska law and the bylaws of the Corporation.

5. Deadline for submission is Friday, June 18, 2021 at 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.

Shareholder proposals will be subject to review
for compliance with these requirements. If you have
questions about the form of the petitions or resolutions,
please email elections@koniag.com or call 800.658.3818 and ask for April Fischer.


3800 Centerpoint Drive STE 502
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
ATTN: April Fischer
E: elections@koniag.com
Fax: (907) 562-5258

194 Alimaq Drive
Kodiak. Alaska 99615
ATTN: April Fischer
E: elections@koniag.com
Fax: (907) 486-3325