Koniag’s 2020 Elder of the Year Announced

Congratulations to our 2020 Koniag Elder of the Year, June Pardue! June was nominated by our Shareholder committees. The nomination said, “she is a renowned Alutiiq and Inupiaq artist from Kodiak Island. She is a very active traditional artist, mentor, and is very active in the community.”

Koniag’s 2020 Youth of the Year Award- Bayley Rowland

Congratulations to the 2020 Koniag Youth of the Year to Bayley Rowland! In addition to being engaged with the Kodiak Alutiiq Dancers since she was a preschooler, this youth “assists her mom and grandparents with everything from picking berries, cleaning freshly caught deer, fish or seal to gathering grass from the beach to basket weave. … Continued

Virtual Annual Meeting October 3

The 2020 Koniag Annual Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for October 3, 2020 will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To watch the virtual webcast on the day of the meeting, log in to the My Koniag Shareholder portal at https://mykoniag.koniag.com to access the link. The meeting will begin at 9:30 AM Alaska Time. … Continued

Koniag Update on the Coronavirus

Dear fellow Shareholders, As concern over coronavirus or COVID-19 grows across the US, we know that how we respond as a business has an impact on the health and safety of those most important to us – our Shareholders, employees, and customers. Koniag is very fortunate; most of our work is technical and professional services … Continued

Shape Our Future- Kodiak Tribes 2020 Census

Kodiak Island Tribes Alutiiq Tribe of Old HarborKaguyak VillageNative Village of AfognakNative Village of AkhiokNative Village of KarlukNative Village of Larsen BayNative Village of OuzinkieNative Village of Port LionsSun’aq Tribe of KodiakTangirnaq Native Village

2019 1099-Misc and 1099-Div Information

Class A, B, and C Shareholders will not receive a 1099 for the non-taxable January 2019 dividend, or for the Elders Benefit. Class B Shareholders will receive a 1099-MISC form for the June distribution only. If you won an prize such as the early bird, or Stock Will Extravaganza, a separate1099-MISC form will be mailed … Continued

Kodiak Office Closed 1/29/2020 due to Hazardous Weather

The Kodiak Koniag office will be closed on January 29, 2020 due to the extreme weather conditions. Those needing assistance in the meantime can call the Anchorage office at 800.658.3818 toll-free or directly at 907.561.2668. Drive safe and stay warm!