Koniag and KANA donate the Alutiiq Center to the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository

Museum now owns its land and facility allowing for more focus on historic and cultural work.

In a move to strengthen stewardship of Alutiiq cultural resources and support of the Koniag Region; Koniag and the Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA) donated the land and facility that hold the Alutiiq Museum to the Alutiiq Museum through a joint title transfer ceremony today.

Koniag purchased the basement and second floor of the Alutiiq Center from Natives of Kodiak (NOK) for $1.8 million and donated the floors to the Alutiiq Museum. KANA simultaneously transferred titled of the first floor of the facility to the Alutiiq Museum. The estimated value of the first floor is $1.1 million. This investment will provide the Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository fee simple title to its facility so it may focus on its critical work of preserving and sharing the heritage and living culture of the Alutiiq people.

Koniag President Shauna Hegna sees this effort as a way to help meet Koniag’s goals of
stewardship of cultural resources and advocating for the region and stakeholders. “This partnership between NOK, KANA, Koniag and the Alutiiq Museum is an investment in, and celebration of, our Alutiiq people and culture. For more than 25 years the Alutiiq Museum has been a cornerstone in Alutiiq cultural revitalization. Koniag is honored to support their critical work.”

Mike Pfeffer the Chief Operating Officer & Acting CEO of KANA agreed, “This is a great way to empower and strengthen an amazing resource for Kodiak, for Alaska and for Alutiiq and Indigenous people around the world. KANA is proud to be a part of this investment.”

Last week, the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS) Trustee Council awarded $8 million to the Alutiiq Museum to renovate its facility. “Koniag and KANA’s facility donations and the EVOS Trustee Council’s generous grant will help the Alutiiq Museum to realize it’s long held goal of expanding our gallery and collections space,” said April G.L. Counceller, Ph.D., the Museum’s Executive Director. The Alutiiq Museum plans to complete the renovation of the Alutiiq Center in 2023.

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