Proxies in the mail

Proxies are in the mail! The 2018 Annual Report, Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement and Proxy Form will be hitting your mailboxes shortly. Voting is one of the most meaningful responsibilities and privileges of being a Koniag Shareholder. Each year Shareholders have the opportunity to participate in the selection of Board leadership and thereby … Continued

Port Lions Community Service Project Lip Synch Challenge Video

What happens when Koniag’s board, leadership team, and interns travel to Port Lions and refurbish the local graveyard with volunteers? 1) Community Service 2) #LipSync Challenge  Join the fun – we challenge you to give back and #lipsync while you’re at it! #NativeVoicesChallenge #LipSyncBattle #AllStars #GameOn #OnlyShootingStars #BreakTheMold @NANA @CIRI @ChugachAlaska @Doyon @BBNC @Athna @Calista @AleutCorporation @Sealaska @ASRC @BSNC See video here! 

Reminder Nominations forms due Friday, March 16, 2018 @ 5pm AKST

Reminder: The Koniag Candidate Nominee Information Forms are due on Friday, March 16, at 5:00 p.m. (Alaska time). Please note a minor printing error in the Shareholder newsletter, which states the form is due on “Monday, March 16”. Because March 16 falls on Friday all nominee forms are due this Friday, March 16. We are … Continued

Sharing the Catch with our Elders

The act of sharing embodies the Alutiiq cultural values of generosity and selflessness. In Alutiiq communities, providers share their catch with others, and all community members are valued for the various ways they share their catch. As a community, we celebrate the sacrifice and commitment of our providers, honor our interdependence on each other, and … Continued

Additional information regarding 1099’s received from Koniag

Tis the tax season! Koniag mailed IRS 1099 forms to Shareholders for 2017 by January 31, 2018. Some may have received more than one type of 1099 form.  A 1099-DIV form was sent to most shareholders who received a January 2017 dividend. That 1099-DIV is reportable on Schedule B of the tax return in the … Continued

2018 Board Candidate Nominee Application form

Cama’i, This packet contains the application form necessary to apply for a seat on the Koniag, Inc. Board of Directors plus information pertinent to being a Koniag Director. The application deadline is March 16, 2018 by 5:00 pm. 2018 Koniag Board Candidate Nomination Form

Taxability for 2017

Taxability for 2017 Koniag is issuing the following informational forms to Shareholders to report 2017 payments: 1099 DIV – A portion of the January 2017 Dividend (approximately 10%) is considered to be taxable income and will be reported on a Form 1099 DIV.  Under IRS rules, if the taxable portion is less than $10, we … Continued

Shareholder Information and Authorization for Shareholder Dividend Distribution form

Koniag recently mailed the Shareholder Information and Authorization for Shareholder Dividend Distribution form to all Shareholders. The form contains current contact information that Koniag has on record. This allows each Shareholder to review and confirm their information is correct or update it, if necessary, before the dividend distribution on January 26, 2018. Deadline to update … Continued

Note new location for the Anchorage Holiday Party 12-8-17 ***Alaska Airlines Center****

NEW LOCATION FOR ANCHORAGE HOLIDAY PARTY TOMORROW!! Please note that we are using the Alaska Airlines Center for our Anchorage Shareholder Holiday Party Friday, December 8, 2017 from 6-8pm. Free parking! Food, prizes and Santa!! Shareholders, Descendants and their families welcome! Elder Parking passes are limited. Please contact our Anchorage office at 907-561-2668 for more … Continued