Koniag Commits $50,000 to Support Kodiak Island COVID-19 Efforts

Announces any Tribal Relief Funding awarded to Koniag will support Shareholders and communities

Kodiak, Alaska – Koniag is committing $50,000 to support in-region needs, particularly food security, related to COVID-19. This follows region-wide meetings with tribes, village corporations, and non-profits in the Kodiak region to seek guidance on the greatest needs.

Earlier this spring, Koniag sent care packages to Elders and school-age youth in its villages and is facilitating regular region-wide COVID-19 response meetings with tribal and community leaders. It is also issuing its 7j distribution two months early to assist Shareholders and in-region village corporations during this economic crisis.

“At Koniag, one of our driving values is sharing the catch,” said Koniag President Shauna Hegna. “We will do all we can to help our Shareholders and our region to recover from COVID-19.”

This support is in addition to any federal CARES Act Tribal Relief Funding Koniag may receive. Should Koniag be allocated CARES Act Tribal Relief Funding, it will absorb any administrative costs associated with it to ensure one hundred percent of the funds received are used to benefit its Shareholders and communities.

Koniag Chairman and CEO Ron Unger said, “Koniag’s sole focus in applying for the CARES Act Tribal Relief Funding is to help our Alaska Native people and communities impacted by the pandemic.”


About Koniag: Koniag is one of the 13 Alaska Native regional corporations established in 1971 by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Koniag represents the Alutiiq people from Alaska’s Kodiak Island region. Koniag manages a diverse portfolio of operating companies and real estate holdings. For more information, visit www.Koniag.com.

Koniag Update on the Coronavirus

Dear fellow Shareholders,

As concern over coronavirus or COVID-19 grows across the US, we know that how we respond as a business has an impact on the health and safety of those most important to us – our Shareholders, employees, and customers. 

Koniag is very fortunate; most of our work is technical and professional services for essential business and government functions, which means we anticipate that the coronavirus may have a minimal impact on our business operations. However, in the modern era the world has not faced a situation like this, and it can be unsettling to have our everyday activities disrupted. We are confident, though, that by being proactive and implementing the CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of disease, we will weather this storm with the resiliency that has characterized the Alutiiq people for thousands of years. 

Remember, you’re an important part of our culture of health and resilience:

  • Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching face, mouth, nose and eyes
  • Routinely clean frequently touched objects (keyboard, phone, door knobs)
  • Keep at least six feet from ill people who are coughing or sneezing

 For more information on how to keep yourself and your family healthy, please visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/

While there are no active cases in Alaska, we are watching the situation closely. As we monitor the situation, it may become necessary to temporarily close our Anchorage or Kodiak offices and ask nonessential staff to work from home.

Please rest assured that, should we have to temporarily close our offices, we will continue to be responsive to Shareholder needs. Our main phone lines will be monitored and Shareholders who need to meet with one of our staff may schedule meetings in advance. Most Shareholder forms can be downloaded online from the Koniag website or MyKoniag Shareholder Portal and submitted via email to shareholderinfo@koniag.com. While temporarily closing our offices may be a burden, we recognize that “sapurluni” or being weathered-in isn’t anything new to us and we will be sure to keep you informed if we take this step. 

We appreciate your patience as we navigate these unknown waters and do all that we can to protect our Koniag family by limiting their exposure and the spread of the coronavirus.


Shauna Hegna, President